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We are using a STANDATD channel for a live broadcasting. We have noticed that any time that the video player, either on mobile or browser, goes down to a stream below the 480 resolution, there is no sound. Once the player goes back to a higher resolution the sound is back.

We are recording our sessions to s3 and the recording as well do not have the sound on the lower resolutions.

Any idea? Thx.

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Hi Mike,

Thank you. Our studio technician re-checked all the streaming parameters and found that our audio encoder (the mac that sends the stream to ivs) was using 64 Kbps instead of 96 Kbps. After updating the issue seems to be solved, we will keep an eye on it... Thanks again.

answered 2 months ago

What player is being used to receive the IVS stream? Does the same issue occur with another player? (such as hls.js, VLC, or other). If higher renditions have the audio stream, then it should be part of the lower renditions. Consider downloading the lower rendition directly from the S3 bucket and test with several players.

Please file an AWS Support ticket for this issue if the lower resolution is found not to have audio.

answered 2 months ago

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