Why did AWS increase the DynamoDB index provisioned read/write capacities significantly beyond the threshold, especially considering that the utilization was lower than expected?


I have a DynamoDB table with the following index read/write capacities:

Read Capacity: Range: 500 - 5,000 Auto-scaling at 70%

Write Capacity: Current provisioned units: 500 Range: 100 - 5,000 Auto-scaling at 70% Current provisioned units: 100

I've experienced scenarios where the utilization is below 70%, yet the capacity is increased to 5,000 and sometimes even exceeds 5,000. What is the reason for this occurrence?

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The reason for this is due to the granularity of CloudWatch metrics. It may seem like you have not exceeded the target utilization, as CloudWatch metrics are averaged across a 1 min period, giving the illusion that you are consuming less capacity then you think.

This article explains the situation in a little more detail.

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