one way data sync between ebs to efs


I have requirement of data sync from ebs to efs. If I change any particular file from a folder or add a file in that folder it should be automatically sync to my efs mounted folder as of now i have achieved it with msrsync util. but the limitation is i have to set a cron job for every minute. So is there any better way without cron job when ever there is a data that should be automatically sync with efs

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You could use AWS DataSync, but to do that you will need to share the EBS volume as NFS or SMB because DataSync does not support EBS as a direct location to transfer data from.

If you can create an NFS or SMB share for that EBS data then you can use DataSync to move data from the source file share to an EFS location.

I hope this works for you

answered 2 years ago

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