New domain registration on route53 - [Only ASCII characters are allowed] error


Hi! I've just tried to register a new domain name. Application went smoothly as it always has, but a few minutes later I see this error repeated 4 times.

[Only ASCII characters are allowed]

I confirmed the domain name string is ascii only with this little bash code:

❯ echo "***************.jp" | grep -qP '^[\x00-\x7F]$' && echo "ASCII only" || echo "Contains non-ASCII" ASCII only

AWS is not contacting us, and the domain now comes up as "already taken" on other providers.

When I dig/whois, the domain seems to be registered to our name. But since the domain is not visible in "Registered Domains" menu of Route53, we have no means to set routing on that domain.

Is this possibly an AWS bug?

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1 Answer

A similar problem was previously reported on the AWS forums, where users encountered a Route53 transfer domain error: Only ASCII characters are allowed. You can find more details and potential solutions at this link. This could offer insights or a workaround for the issue you're experiencing.

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answered 2 months ago
  • thanks, read that too but there was no results shared in that thread. he was also transfering a domain whereas my issue is registering a new domain.

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