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Hi I am trying to create some alerts for RDS events so I can receive an email via SNS when a failure or backups occur.

I created a topic and then when I try to create an event subscription I get this error even though the topic name is listed and selected from the dropdown list on screen.

Do you know why and how to fix this?

We're sorry, your request to create event subscription RDS-Oracle-DB-Notifications has failed.

Failed to create Subscription because of Topic arn:aws-us-gov:sns:us-gov-west-1:702344441970:RDS-DBNotifications.fifo ARN Name Invalid.

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The issue comes from your ".fifo": dot is not allowed in ARN syntax

See for all details about allowed characters.



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answered 2 months ago
  • I did change the subscription type to standard and it did create it successfully. The user guide does not mention that you cant have a "." in resource id. Could this be a Bug in AWS?

    resource-id The resource identifier. This is the name of the resource, the ID of the resource, or a resource path. Some resource identifiers include a parent resource (sub-resource-type/parent-resource/sub-resource) or a qualifier such as a version (resource-type:resource-name:qualifier).

  • Hi sam15, it may possibly be an issue in RDS if they create a SNS resource name with a forbidden '.' in it. I would suggest to open a ticket to AWS Support via AWS console to see if it needs a fix. Thanks for accepting my answer!


Hi, Here are a few things you can check and try to resolve the issue:

Topic ARN: 

Make sure that the ARN you're using for the SNS topic is correct. The error message indicates that the ARN arn:aws-us-gov:sns:us-gov-west-1:702344441970:RDS-DBNotifications.fifo is invalid. Double-check the ARN from the AWS Management Console or programmatically retrieve it to ensure accuracy.

Topic Name: 

Verify that the SNS topic name you're using exactly matches the one you've created. Case sensitivity matters in AWS resource names.


Ensure that the IAM role or user you're using to create the event subscription has the necessary permissions to access the SNS topic. You can attach the AmazonSNSFullAccess policy to your IAM user or role temporarily for testing purposes.


Confirm that you're creating the event subscription in the correct AWS region where the SNS topic exists (us-gov-west-1 in your case).

Topic Type: 

Check if the SNS topic is a FIFO (First-In-First-Out) topic. FIFO topics have specific requirements and limitations compared to standard topics. If you don't specifically need FIFO behavior, consider creating a standard SNS topic.


If all settings seem correct, try creating the event subscription again. Sometimes transient errors can occur.

If the issue persists after checking these points, you might want to provide more details about how you're creating the event subscription (e.g., through the AWS Management Console, CLI, or SDK) for further assistance. Additionally, reviewing CloudWatch logs or AWS CloudTrail logs can provide more insights into the specific error encountered during the creation process.

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answered 2 months ago
  • The subscription event name is correct because it is listed in the dropdown list on screen. I am also using AWS management console to create all objects.

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