Windows Server and SQL Server Enterprise licenses issue when failover with AWS DRS



I have a project that I have to implement disaster recovery for a database that runs SQL Server Enterprise Edition in on-premise DC. I manage to use AWS DRS to replicate data from VM disks to EBS snapshots then use these snapshots to restore into EC2 instance. However, I have some questions about this solution.

  • Firstly, will DRS replicate the license of Windows Server from on-premise to AWS
  • Secondly, will DRS replicate license of SQL Server Ent from on-premise to AWS or I have to purchase a new license in case of disaster failover.

I hope you will help me solve this question soon.


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2 Answers

DRS will replicate the entire disks including all OS/Application settings.

Depending on the version of Windows/SQL and how they have been licensed they will continue to use that license. eg licensing is done via volume licensing/KMS when the server is started in AWS the server will attempt to contact the KMS server to check/get a license. There is some grace period if it cannot contact KMS before the server becomes unlicensed

I cannot give any licensing compliance advice and will depend if you have software assurance or not

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DRS will replicate entire disks over, which will include any license configured in your OS

You have the option when setting up DRS Launch settings, to re-configure Microsoft licensing. This conforms to Microsoft Licensing on AWS



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