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I have a cdk created with several nested stack in the cloudformation, current facing a rollback issue where error is "Received response status [FAILED] from custom resource. Message returned: Error: An error occurred (InvalidArgument) when calling the PutBucketNotificationConfiguration operation: Configuration is ambiguously defined. Cannot have overlapping suffixes in two rules if the prefixes are overlapping for the same event type.. See the details in"

The s3 event notification was remove manually and now it is not able to proceed the rollback due to this issue, have try using cloudformation continue-update-rollback but yet still not able to rollback the resource, the Event notification and the lambda with the s3 trigger currently in "UPDATE_FAILED" status, may I know if anyone has any suggestion to resolve this without deleting the stack.

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I'd suggest you to read

It is a use case highly similar to yours where a solution is provided

AWS doesn’t support multiple overlapping triggers for different lambdas. This means that 
you cannot create a trigger of “/my/path” twice for the same bucket and direct it to two 
lambdas (or “/my/path” and “/my/path/folder” to different lambdas).
This can be reproduced using the aws console, using the properties 
tab → Event notifications → Create event notification

The solution I used is to make the bucket notify a SNS message, which in turn,. triggers 
the lambda (and doesn’t have the same limitation)/



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