DynamoDB data crawled using glue not showing in the AWSDataCatalogue under Athena


I have crawled the schema of my DynamoDB table using AWS Glue crawler and the table is now shown under the tables section in AWS Glue. However, the table is not being shown under Athena database section although Glue crawler successfully crawled and added the DynamoDB table to the database. Please help me load the data to Athena.

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To load the DynamoDB table data into Athena:

  • Ensure the Glue crawler successfully crawled the DynamoDB table and added it to the Glue database with the correct schema.
  • Check that the Glue table properties include
  •    classification: dynamodb
  • which indicates to Athena this table contains supplemental metadata.
  • If the DynamoDB table or attribute names contain capital letters, edit the Glue table properties to map these to lowercase names which Athena supports.
  • Refresh the Athena database to sync with any changes from Glue.
  • Within Athena, select the database containing the DynamoDB table. The table should now be visible for querying.
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answered 2 months ago
  • Are you sure this works?, my understanding is that the way Glue DynamoDB tables and the Athena DynamoDB connector are different and incompatible

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