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I am getting billed for these services every month. However, my console doesn't have EBS Volume, snapshot, and EC2.

What is the best way to locate this EBS and terminate it altogether?

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$0.05 per GB-month of Magnetic provisioned storage - US East (Northern Virginia) - 1.116 GB-Mo $0.05 per GB-Month of snapshot data stored - US East (Northern Virginia) - 9.833 GB-Mo $0.065 per IOPS-month provisioned - US East (Northern Virginia) 232.303 IOPS-Mo $0.10 per GB-month of General Purpose SSD (gp2) provisioned storage - US East (Northern Virginia) 18.541 GB-Mo $0.125 per GB-month of Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) provisioned storage - US East (Northern Virginia) 8.735 GB-Mo

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First of all ensure you are in the correct region in the console, the charges come from us-east-1 (Northern Virginia), which mean you EBS volumes and snapshot should be in that region in the EC2 part of the console. Make sure you expand the Elastic Block Store part of the menu, the volumes should be visible if you click Volumes item.

Alternative, use the CLI. You could use a cloudshell from the console. You can use this command to find all volumes in all regions.

for REGION in $(aws ec2 describe-regions --output text --query 'Regions[].[RegionName]') ; do echo $REGION && aws ec2 describe-volumes --query 'Volumes[*].{VolumeID:VolumeId,Size:Size,Type:VolumeType,AvailabilityZone:AvailabilityZone}' --region $REGION; done
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  • Thank you so much for your reply and sharing the shell script. This script is very to quickly check AWS environment. In my AWS account, there is nothing displayed in Elastic Block Store -> Volumes page under EC2. The script also did not detect any volumes. Where else can I check this volume? ap-south-1 [] eu-north-1 [] eu-west-3 [] eu-west-2 [] eu-west-1 [] ap-northeast-3 [] ap-northeast-2 [] ap-northeast-1 [] ca-central-1 [] sa-east-1 [] ap-southeast-1 [] ap-southeast-2 [] eu-central-1 [] us-east-1 [] us-east-2 [] us-west-1 [] us-west-2 []



It doesn't mean that those volumes are still available; They are probably gone. One way to find out when and who created those volumes is to use Cloudtrail service. You can follow this blog post from AWS Support => https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/find-ebs-user-config-cloudtrail

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  • Thank you for your reply. Appreciated. I have reviewed the above reference blog. It is a great post, but it only applies to some cases. Amazon EC2 console, expand Elastic Block Store - has nothing listed there. So I do not have access to Volume ID. I created those volumes while working on several projects and made sure that I deleted them after completing the projects. However, I am still getting billed for several months and trying to stop this unknown charge.

  • The billing is made by AWS and by month. So, if you create a volume one day and you destroy it after 2hours, AWS will bill you at the end of the month for 2hours. In this case, the volume doesn't exist anymore when AWS generate your billing. With the billing, AWS doesn't show the volume ID, but the total of the consumption for a type of the volume (for example GP2, GP3 and so on) To see, volume id you need to generate the Cost Usage and Report (CUR) file.

    By the way, CloudTrail give you all AWS APIs, so you can see when and who create this volume in last 90days.

  • You can use the AWS cost explorer under AWS Cost Management in the AWS console to check that you are no longer being charged for EBS usage. Choose the Dimension of "Usage Type", apply a filter of Service = "EC2- Other", and choose a granularity of "Daily". You should see the charges drop to 0 from the day that the volumes were deleted.
  • One of the line items is related to snapshots. "$0.05 per GB-Month of snapshot data stored - US East (Northern Virginia)". So in addition to deleting the volumes, make sure you also delete the EBS snapshots. This can be done from the Elastic Block Store -> Snapshots page in the AWS Console.
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  • I can see the charges from AWS Cost Management and Billing pages.

    I don't have any snapshots or volumes listed. I deleted them all when I finished my projects. However, the billing has never stopped. It has been several months now.

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