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We are planning to restore the databases on RDS SQL Server multi-AZ. it looks like we need to deploy the single-az before restoring the databases(full+diff+log) and modify it into multi-AZ once restoration is completed, Is it correct

Can we restore the full+diff+log on Multi-AZ directly as we need to take the downtime whenever we restore the databases on MULTI-AZ?

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Hi ,

Native backup and restore is available in all AWS Regions for Single-AZ and Multi-AZ DB instances, including Multi-AZ DB instances with read replicas. Native backup and restore is available for all editions of Microsoft SQL Server supported on Amazon RDS.

However consider following limitations when using native backup and restore with multiAZ.

  • On Multi-AZ DB instances, you can only natively restore databases that are backed up in the full recovery model.
  • Restoring from differential backups on Multi-AZ instances isn't supported.

Review the further limitations and more details about using native backup and restore with RDS for SQL Server.

answered 6 months ago

Yes, you can to a point in time recovery directly to multi-az.

answered 6 months ago

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