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Which is the cheapest AWS service for data replication between two AWS accounts?

I am using Oracle DB for this experiment.

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  • Amazon RDS Snapshots: You can take automated snapshots of your primary RDS for the Oracle database and share those snapshots with a secondary account. Restoring from snapshots in the other account provides a relatively low-cost way to replicate data, but downtime is incurred during restoration.

  • AWS Database Migration Service: DMS supports replicating changes from an Oracle database to another Oracle database in a different AWS account. There is a cost for data transfer and DMS replication instance hours. This provides near-zero downtime replication compared to snapshots.

  • For non-critical test/development workloads and smaller databases, RDS snapshots provide a low-cost option. But for continuous replication of large production databases where uptime is important, DMS replication, while having an hourly cost, avoids the business costs of downtime from snapshot restores.



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Hi Abhinav,

Thanks for answering my question. I want to replicate data changes continuously so I can't use snapshots. Also, I am replicating huge amount of data. Previously, I was using AWS DMS for data replication but there is requirement to lower the cost. That's why I am searching for any services that consumes less cost compared to AWS DMS like AWS Glue or AWS Kinesis datastream.

Or if AWS DMS is best approach, then is there any way to lower the cost for data replication in AWS DMS?

answered 4 months ago
  • Right-size your DMS replication instance type based on the expected workload. Smaller instance types will be more cost-effective if they can handle your throughput needs.

    Leverage AWS DMS' new serverless capability which allows it to automatically scale the replication instance capacity up and down based on usage, ensuring you only pay for what you use.


Would be better you can share more details. Are you planning to replicate complete database or some of the tables.

if only few tables you use Oracle Materialised view(MVIEW) replicate over the DB Link. You also needs to configure Cross amount VPC peering/TGW etc. This way you wouldn't needs to use DMS but MVIEW refresh would be in some interval. Glue service is ETL if your replication needs to meets the ETL pre-requisite, which would able to replicate without dependency of Oracle feature and but still required cross account VPC access.

If you wants to replicate full database, oracle data guard could be the easiest option, Also periodically restoring snapshot on target account would also be an option.

answered 3 months ago

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