Migrating UnityMultiplay to Gamelift


im using unity multiplay service previously, but due to some limitation we decide to change to aws gamelift. i have read some examples from github to integrate gamelift. https://github.com/aws-samples/amazon-gamelift-unity

i need some information to migrate my game to aws gamelift.

  1. Why we need to set ServerParameters? where can i get the value from?, in the examples it only uses GameLiftServerAPI.InitSDK(); empty argument, is it means it's not necessary to put the value if we use EC2? Enter image description here

  2. I need IP address and Port, in order to connect client and server, how do i get that? (in both client and server) im using Photon Fusion, to connect player and server (it connect with IP &Port), so i don't really want to implement aws standard if possible, i just need the player and server knows what IP and Port to connect.

  3. Is it possible to get session from matchmaking

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Hi Kena,

  1. Yes, the empty argument InitSDK is used for a ManagedEC2 fleet with Amazon GameLift. The ServerParameters are only required when using an Anywhere fleet which allows you to register any hardware you wish with GameLift for placing your game sessions (including your computer for local testing). Here's more info if you're curious: Test your integration using Amazon GameLift Anywhere fleets.
  2. The IP address and Port are provided by the game session when created/described; however, we recommend you create a backend service that can call Create/Describe/Search GameSession APIs instead of calling those APIs directly from your client code. Here's some more info on game sessions and client backends: Add Amazon GameLift to your game client.
  3. Yes, if you attach an Amazon GameLift GameSessionQueue to your MatchmakingConfiguration, GameLift will attempt to create game sessions for you once the matches have been made. Here's some info on using matchmaking with queues: Create a matchmaker for Amazon GameLift hosting.

Additionally, we have a Amazon GameLift Plugin for Unity which provides a sample game server/client, steps for running local tests with GameLift Anywhere, and a sample backend infrastructure for inspiration: https://github.com/aws/amazon-gamelift-plugin-unity

answered 5 months ago

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