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I accidentally created a bridged network on my instance. That dropped the internet connection and now I can't connect via RDP. Any advice on how to reverse my doing?

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If you accidentally created a bridged network configuration on your instance and lost internet connectivity, you might need to take the following steps to regain access:

1)Stop the Instance:

If possible, stop the instance from the AWS Management Console or using the AWS CLI. This will temporarily halt the instance and allow you to make changes without the risk of losing data.

2)Detach the Network Interface: 

If you can still access the instance settings in the AWS Management Console, detach the network interface associated with the bridged network configuration. This will revert the network settings to their original state.

  1. Review Security Group Settings: Ensure that the security group associated with your instance allows inbound RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) traffic on port 3389. If necessary, modify the security group settings to allow RDP access from your IP address.
4)Check Network Configuration: 

After detaching the bridged network interface, ensure that the instance is configured to use the correct network settings, such as a private IP address and the appropriate subnet.

  1. Restart the Instance: Once you've made the necessary changes, restart the instance from the AWS Management Console or using the AWS CLI. This will apply the updated network settings and bring the instance back online.
6)Attempt RDP Connection: 

After the instance has restarted, attempt to connect to it using RDP from your local machine. If the security group settings and network configuration are correct, you should be able to establish an RDP connection.

If you're still unable to regain access to the instance after following these steps, you may need to troubleshoot further or consider other options such as restoring from a backup or creating a new instance from a snapshot.

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