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How does the billing work for AWS Support (Business).

For ex: our total last month bill was $ 34,220.04 and support was charged for $ 2519.07. We can see the slabs on the AWS website, mentioned in the link below, support should have been charged 7% of the total bill, which is not the case here. We observed the similar results for all the months.

Please let us know what we are missing here !!

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$2,519.07 is the correct amount. It is calculated based on $31,700.97, which is total amount before support is applied ($34,220.04 - $2,519.07 = $31,700.97). The Support fee calculation is below:

a. 10% of monthly AWS charges for the first $0--$10K: $10,000 x 10% = $1,000

b: 7% of monthly AWS charges from $10K--$80K: $21,700.97 x 7% = $1,519.07

Support Charge: a + b = $2,519.07

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