What is the purpose of Workdocs Companion?


The question may sound snide and I really don't mean it that way. I'm on macOS 12.1. I have Workspaces and Workdocs as apps and Workdocs Companion showing in my menu bar.

I had assumed Companion would be like a virtual file system to and from my native disk or a specific folder on my disk but so far, Workdocs and Workspaces are not making it easy for me to transfer files back and forth.

What works for me is to use the web based Workdocs to upload Folders and then I can use them from Workspaces. But I did that before discovering Workdocs Companion. I've yet to try to download anything ... cross that bridge when I get to it.

I'm pretty convinced I'm missing something rather obvious so I came here to ask. I've looked at the Workdocs user documentation and as far as Companion, it essentially just says "install it and it will work in the background".

My Workspaces is a Windows 10. I'm clueless about Windows 10. It may be that I need to search for a new drive letter or something that Companion is providing to Workspaces.

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I think what you may want (and might be missing) is WorkDocs Drive. WorkDocs Drive presents itself as if it were an external drive connected to your Mac. It automatically takes care of keeping local copies of your WorkDocs files in sync with the files in the cloud.

WorkDocs Companion is something different. WorkDocs Companion still requires you to use the web interface to access the files but takes care of launching the correct local application whenever you open a file from within the browser.

I hope that helps.

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answered 2 years ago
  • I have Apple silicon and Amazon does not have WorkDocs Drive for this platform yet. But, it does appear as if WorkDocs Drive is what I was looking for.

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