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I have created a user nikki and assign the user group nikki belongs to an account. The user group is granted AdministratorAccess permission set. I have accepted the invitation for nikki and able to use the link in the invitation email to login. But I am not able to login using nikki with the standard Root/IAM user login page:

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Note, the accountid is the account nikki belongs to. Hope someone can help to explain if nikki is an IAM user and able to login as an IAM user.

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Did you create it as an IAM user?
Or is it an SSO user created in IAM Identity Center?
If you created a user using IAM Identity Center, you will need to access it from a dedicated login URL.

Also, since IAM users and IAM Identity Center users are different, when signing in as an IAM Identity Center user, you cannot sign in the same way as an IAM user.

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answered 4 months ago
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