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I had bought a reserved instance for RDS db instance db.r5.4xlarge on January-05-2022 for 3 years duration. In the month of December-2022, I had to upgrade that instance to db.r5.8xlarge because we were facing some high database load. Since then I saw the increase in billing and I need your help to bring down these additional charges.

I'm expecting to save the overall cost by $1500.

I see that the reserved instance db.r5.4xlarge is being 100% utilized, at the same time $320.14 got charged in this month for USD 0.4303 hourly fee per Aurora MySQL, db.r5.4xl instance which is not there anymore in my account. so this $320.14 charges are extra for me.

Then, these charges USD 0.021 per GB-month of backup storage exceeding free allocation for Aurora MySQL costed me $283.38 so far.

Kindly advise how I can reduce the cost?

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I would recommend to use AWS Cost and Usage Reports to analysis what are components are costing you. In your analysis you may include storage, backup, compute, rds etc. to narrow down where extra cost getting added.


answered a year ago

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