ICEBERG - Data Loss Issue during OPTIMIZE Command Execution in High Partition


We are utilizing AWS Glue Catalog along with Athena v3 and Iceberg for our data solution. We create tables using a CREATE TABLE query in Athena, setting the ‘table_type’ parameter to ‘ICEBERG’. Our data is partitioned on an hourly basis (I tested other partition types as well). However, we’re encountering a significant issue when our tables have a high number of partitions, more than 100 or other large quantities. When executing the OPTIMIZE command, we’re noticing that some of the data is unexpectedly removed from the table. This behavior is not anticipated and is causing data inconsistencies and loss. When I partition the data by BUCKET this problem does not occur (I think because it has a fixed number of partitions).

Example of the OPTIMIZE command:

WHERE date(created_at) = date '2023-03-08';

The latest table snapshot records, summary field:

{changed-partition-count=24, added-data-files=55, total-equality-deletes=0, added-records=1837854, trino_query_id=20230516_210052_00022_9g8in, total-position-deletes=0, added-files-size=1363665641, total-delete-files=0, total-files-size=7699737218, total-records=10619723, total-data-files=317}

{added-data-files=311, total-equality-deletes=0, added-records=8765775, trino_query_id=20230516_210135_00090_dixmr, deleted-data-files=266, deleted-records=8765775, total-records=10619723, removed-files-size=6391102826, changed-partition-count=100, total-position-deletes=0, added-files-size=6327068186, total-delete-files=0, total-files-size=7635702578, total-data-files=362}

{removed-files-size=6301213670, changed-partition-count=100, total-equality-deletes=0, trino_query_id=20230516_210205_00012_c64jn, deleted-data-files=314, total-position-deletes=0, total-delete-files=0, deleted-records=8731597, total-files-size=1334488908, total-records=1888126, total-data-files=48}

{added-data-files=2, total-equality-deletes=0, added-records=83350, trino_query_id=20230516_210213_00121_7xbbh, deleted-data-files=6, deleted-records=83350, total-records=1888126, removed-files-size=59119635, changed-partition-count=2, total-position-deletes=0, added-files-size=58846159, total-delete-files=0, total-files-size=1334215432, total-data-files=44}

Has anyone had this problem or can help me?

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If you have reproduced this many times ( and know the procedure to reproduce it), please open a support ticket as it will be the best thing to do.


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  • Then how will others in a similar predicament know when it's solved?

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