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SMS verification



I want to verfiy my users by sending a sms with a code which the user has to enter on my website or mobile app. If the code matches then I will mark the user as verified.

I have seen this approach on a lot of websites and also seen that AWS is able to send SMS. Just wondering if there is something out of the box which I could include or do I have to implement the logic on my own?

Thank you

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Hi, @PhilippS

You can use Pinpoint's one-time password feature.
Pinpoint provides two simple APIs, code issuance and code validation, to provide a one-time password flow.

I previously wrote a blog about this feature.
(I'm sorry in Japanese) Please translate and read.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Thank you for the fast response. As I can see it is super expansive for European countries compared to other providers. Because of this I will not use it. But you blog article worked perfectly for my with google translate. Thank you SMS in USA => 0,005$ vs Germany => 0,08$ Just wondering why there is a so huge difference

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