how to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS on a Classic Load Balancer


Hello everyone, I am a junior front end developer and I am trying to solve the redirect from HTTP to HTTPS on Classic Load Balancer of my angular universal app. Unfortunately my level of knowledge does not allow me to use nginx ( ) , and about node.js ( I am at the beginning of the study and my knowledge is insufficient to solve the problem. Is there anyone who had the same problem and solved it by following other paths? Does anyone know specific tutorials or can help me by sharing some knowledge? Thanks

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Another way to accomplish this is to put a CloudFront Distribution in front of the ELB and then do a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS at CloudFront. See: Requiring HTTPS for communication between viewers and CloudFront

You can also force customers to go through CloudFront instead of directly to the ELB via a dynamic Security Group on the ELB. See: Automatically update security groups for Amazon CloudFront IP ranges using AWS Lambda

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