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I am migrating n amount of data between 2 buckets in the Tokyo region using s3 batch replication. I can only do it through AWS console to meet some requirements.

My questions are:-

  1. What is the default bandwidth at which the data transfer will be for s3 in Tokyo region?
  2. How to increase the bandwidth?
  3. Does the bandwidth increase if I increase the 'replication transfer rate' service quota for s3?
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I have not found exact data related to the default bandwitch on Amazon S3 batch replication, but the following AWS blog entry mention that over 100 TB of data and 600 million objects across multiple S3 buckets are replicated on 87 hours. It may serve as a high level reference, but as they point out, duration would vary based on several factors, such as network connectivity, individual object size, any rules.

Also in the following Reddit post, a user mentions that he has replicated 122 TB of data and 3.7 mil objects from North Virginia to Ohio in less than 6 hours (47.58 Gb/s approximately).

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  • The AWS blog entry is a very useful one in such estimates

  • I have also transferred ~500TBs of data in 14 hours but in my case files were in GBs, don't recall the exact number.

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