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I'm using a bucket to distribute big amount of data over our customers. For AWS users we provide s3 uri of the objects for direct download. For non-AWS users we are providing https link through CloudFront.

To let AWS users pay for data transfer we enabled Requester pays option for a bucket. However cloudfront shows Access Denied after enabling of this option.

Clout Front & S3 are running on the same AWS Account, so according to documentation, no additional options should be set to access data " Requester pays" enabled bucket is required.

**So my question is: is is possible to use Requester pays buckets as CloudFront origins? And how to overcome Access Denied error in this scenario. **

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Requester Pays buckets do not support the following:

Anonymous requests  >>  reason you can't use Cloudfront
SOAP requests
Using a Requester Pays bucket as the target bucket for end-user logging, or vice versa. However, you can turn on end-user logging on a Requester Pays bucket where the target bucket is not a Requester Pays bucket.
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answered 2 years ago
  • Hmm... I was thought that requests to origin are not anonymous, but done on behalf of CloudFromt Service (my account) as far as I'm using Origin access identity with corresponding bucket policy. One question if I may, what do yo mean by "turn on end-user logging on a bucket"?

    PS: I'm using Requester Pays not for logging, but for financial reasons. To let customers pay for data transfer.

  • The points in my last message are from the developer guide documentation; i.e. once requester pays is enabled, you can no longer do the above; the user must be authenticated and have an account to be charged to; I don't see how you can do that if going through cloudfront; this also is from the developer guide: "If Requester Pays is enabled, then the request must include the request-payer parameter."

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