Upgrade RDS instance with zero (minimal) downtime


We're outgrowing our RDS instance (spikes of 100% CPU usage causing massive latency of requests to our server) so need to upgrade it. But whatever avenue i try to go down there appears to be something blocking a low-downtime upgrade.

Our setup: MySQL medium instance Using an RDS Proxy

If i try to create an Aurora read replica, then i can't because it doesn't support the latest versions of MySQL (8.0.35)

If i try a Blue/Green deployment, then i can't because it doesn't support proxies.

So i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do? AWS wanted us to use proxies and to automatically update MySQL, but it seems that both have caused us to be unable to use the migration tools

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If this is RDS multi-AZ, the impact is minimal. From Will a Multi-AZ deployment help reduce downtime during an Amazon RDS MySQL modification?

Because an instance class change requires a newly defined set of hardware, this change isn't an online operation, and therefore requires downtime. A Multi-AZ deployment of an Amazon RDS MySQL DB instance can significantly reduce any impact. This is because the update doesn't happen simultaneously to the primary and standby. The standby instance is first modified, causing a failover. After the failover, the new standby is modified. The downtime required includes the duration of a failover completion, typically 60-120 seconds, and completion of the DB engine's crash recovery.

You can modify RDS from single-AZ to multi-AZ and vice versa as per What's the impact of modifying my Single-AZ Amazon RDS instance to a Multi-AZ instance and vice versa?

When you change your Single-AZ instance to Multi-AZ, you don't experience any downtime on the instance.

When you change your instance from Multi-AZ to Single-AZ, you don't experience downtime on the instance.

answered 2 months ago

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