How do i setup multiple accounts with security best practices?


We are trying to migrate our on premise servers to cloud and new to this setup. We may have more than one account. Wanted to make sure that Accounts are setup with Inbuilt security controls etc. Is there a service/offering to do this? Our stakeholders would prefer to have pre-baked compliance controls for HIPAA and other major healthcare compliance elements part of their cloud infrastructure setup. Appreciate any guidance on this

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This AWS document may be helpful.
This document describes best practices for operating security using the AWS Config service.

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There are a couple of different approaches the customer could adopt as self-service options. Control tower automates the setup of a landing zone which can be used as an initial security baseline for managing a multi-account strategy securely -

Following this, Landing zone accelerator is a tool available as OSS & custom built to suit different industry specific compliance requirements. It helps in accelerating the setup of a secure and compliant infrastructure as code reference architecture.

Solutions Library -

Docs -

Github -

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