How to use CloudWatch to monitor an EC2 instance with MySQL installed?



I have a web server EC2 instance running MySQL on amazon linux 2. I want to set up monitoring for this instance using AWS CloudWatch. Specifically, I need to monitor metrics such as queries per seconds, operations per second, current active connection, connections per second etc.. . I am looking for guidance on how to configure CloudWatch alarms and dashboards to effectively monitor the health and performance of my MySQL.

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I think it is necessary to register data such as the number of active connections to the database in CloudWatch metrics using a shell script or the like.
For example, you can use a shell script to execute the SQL "show status like 'Threads_connected';" and register the value in CloudWatch metrics using "put-metric-data".

By creating an alarm for the created metrics, it is possible to notify when an abnormality occurs.

If you use RDS instead of EC2, I think most of the metrics you want to see are included in CloudWatch's standard metrics.
In some cases, it may be easier to migrate to RDS.

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answered 2 months ago

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