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I have a question. I've found articles about implementing lifecycle rules for failed multipart uploads and they always seem to suggest to put 7 days in for the lifecycle rules. Why wouldn't they put 1 day? Why would we need to pay for this storage that we can't access and won't use for more time than the minimum? Could someone at AWS please update the articles about this to use one day instead?

Here are some of the articles I've seen about this:

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Hi @jschwar313

Delete incomplete multipart uploads must be greater than 0. If you set to delete 1 day , then it is going to delete after 1 day. but AWS recommend 7 days as a good starting point

Select the checkbox to Delete expired delete markers or incomplete multipart uploads under the Lifecycle rule actions section. We’re now given the option to delete incomplete multipart uploads and must specify how many days after the start of a multipart upload the cleanup should occur. Remember that this is the number of days after the multipart upload initiated. AWS recommend 7 days as a good starting point. Refer-

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answered 2 years ago
  • I want AWS to answer why they recommend 7 days when we would have to pay for that storage all that time. I don't think that's right.

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