I can have the api that allows me to display the costs linked to each of my AWS services used ?



I may have expressed my request incorrectly, I apologize. The links you sent me, I have consulted them several times. Several times but I can't find the URL or API that allows me to collect my ecological and financial footprint data and services associated with the periodic user cost, then display it to me in json or csv format. (My services and cost associated with user aws periodically).


  • Hi Chris,

    Is it possible to give me an example because I don't know how to rebuild an API with the links you just gave me.

    Thank you.

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Per your last question, one of the APIs that was mentioned was the Cost Explorer API here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cost-management/latest/userguide/ce-api-best-practices.html

Here is a reference guide for the Cost Explorer API. With this API, you can return the results in JSON format. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/aws-cost-management/latest/APIReference/API_GetCostAndUsage.html

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answered 2 years ago

Hi there.
Not sure if the API is a requirement, but if not, you might want to check out the Cost and Usage reports in your Cost Explorer console. Once configured, the service will drop CSV (or Parquet) reports of all the costs incurred in your environment on a daily basis in S3, broken down to every line item from your AWS bill. From there you can access them via Athena, or download them to analyze in depth.
Hope this helps

answered a year ago

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