What is Route53 querying to determine transferability of a domain? I get an expiry date returned that is incorrect


I am trying to transfer in an .nl domain. It fails with invalid_expiration_date Expiration Date 2024-02-25 22:24:34 (<14 days). However the domain does not expire until 2024-03-25. Somehow there is a one month discrepancy. I have successfully transferred in 5 different domains from the same registrar recently, including other .nl domains. They see the same expiry date as 2024-03-25 The screenshots: transfer error

SIDN Whois SIDN Whois

And via CLI: aws route53domains check-domain-transferability --domain-name sxxxxxxxxxs.nl --auth-code xxxxxxx --region us-east-1 { "Transferability": { "Transferable": "UNTRANSFERABLE" }, "Message": "invalid_expiration_date - Expiration date (2024-02-25 22:24:34) < 14 days" }

Thanks, John

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Your screen shot doesn’t show the expiry date but the date of registration.

Can you confirm the expiry date?

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answered 2 months ago

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