Is there any limit to the number or age of events logged in CloudFormation event history?


We manage most of our cloud infrastructure resources with CloudFormation and have noticed that on some of our older stacks that are beyond a couple of years that we have a large number of events as we continually update the resources in the stack. We also use the stack event history as an event log on the evolution of our environment. We are wondering if this event history will ever be truncated or if we will be prevented from updating the stack due to any limits on the number of events that can exist in a per stack event history.

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There is no event log limit. Unfortunately it is not mentioned in the CloudFormation quotas, so we don't have an authoritative source for this, only observation and experience. In my personal experience I have always been able to retrieve the complete stack event history using the DescribeStackEvents API.

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answered 3 years ago

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