Does CloudWAN support advertise routes to VPC route table?


In quotas page of CloudWAN documentation, Routes advertised from core network to VPC has a default value of 5000. Enter image description here

Does it mean core network can propagate routes to VPC route table? I did some test but no routes added into VPC route table.

If this feature is supported, may I get some operation instructions as no doc describe how it works? which segments would be advertised and which VPC route table would receive the routes? and how to enable it?

If this feature is not supported, what's the meaning of "Routes advertised from core network to VPC"?

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It is not possible for the core network to propagate routes to a VPC route table. The "Routes advertised from core network to VPC" refers to the ability for the core network to advertise routes to a VPC. This means that the core network can send routes to a VPC, but the VPC cannot send routes to the core network.

In Amazon VPC, you can create a VPC peering connection to allow two VPCs to communicate with each other as if they were part of the same network. You can also create a VPC transit gateway to allow multiple VPCs and on-premises networks to communicate with each other. However, it is not possible to directly communicate between the core network and a VPC.

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  • Could you please explain more about difference between " core network to propagate routes to a VPC route table" and "core network to advertise routes to a VPC."? In the doc, both "Routes advertised from core network to VPC" and "Routes advertised from VPC to core network" described, which seems indicate bi-directional route propagation. Bi-directional route propagation is true for VPN attachment and connect peer and the doc has similar description. However, only vpc CIDRs can be propagated to core network segments in my test. So how to make route propagated bi-directional for VPC attach?


If I understand your question correctly, you have a VPC with a VPC attachment to a Core Network segment, and you would like the VPC route table to be auto-updated with routes learned from the Core Network.

This is not supported today for TGW or Cloud WAN Core Networks.
From a best practices perspective, it is best to keep VPC routing simple with a few static routes to the TGW or Cloud WAN attachment. The TGW Route Table or the Cloud WAN Core Network will then do the appropriate routing.


  • There ARE a few services such as VGW and DXGW that will auto-update VPC route tables with propagated routes. Please speak with your AWS SA for roadmap info for other services.
  • The "Routes advertised from Core Network to VPC" limits above indicate how many routes can point to VPC from Core Network. For return traffic, the VPC will rely on the simple static route indicated above.
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