AWS Backup and RDS Multi AZ Cluster


I've been looking into AWS Backup but it appears like it's not going to work for our use case.

We need to backup RDS to a different AWS Account within the same organisation AND different region.

We have many RDS instances some of which are Multi AZ cluster. Looking at the copying isn't possible - it appears we cannot use AWS Backup service for this. Is this correct?

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As per this page. RDS does not support a single copy action that performs both cross-Region AND cross-account backup. You can choose one or the other.

Also, this reference architecture pack could be useful in general to understand the different patterns of cross-region and cross-account backups.

Hope this clarifies.

Thanks, Rama

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answered 2 months ago
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  • It says MultiAZ Cluster AWS backups can't be copied full stop. Is that incorrect?

  • That is correct, in case of Multi AZ, the snapshots cannot be copied - as mentioned in the link you posted.

  • Ok thank you, so AWS backup won't work and we'll have to do our own solution using lambdas to copy snapshots across.

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