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I have been wrestling with this for a bit now. My Backup Vault is not in sync with the configurations from my Backup Plan and I can not figure out why. I have gone through the tutorials multiple times. I can not find an issue with my configurations. Any help would be appreciated or this is a potential bug? The result is none of my backups are transitioning to cold storage, and has become an expensive problem quickly.

My configuration on the backup plan shows:


Transition to cold storage after 2 weeks

Expire after 10 years

My Backup Vault Summary

Every backup shows:

Expiration date 3,650 days after creation

Move to cold date –

Any ideas what could be the issue?

  • What resource you are protecting? Which storage or database?

  • They are all EC2 AMI. I am assuming they would be stored in S3.

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2 Answers

I believe I found the issue. Found here:

Each lifecycle rule contains an array of transition objects specifying how long in days before a recovery point transitions to cold storage, or is deleted.** As of now, the transition to cold storage is ignored for all resources except for Amazon EFS.**

I have been attempting to transition AMIs and not an EFS

answered 2 years ago

When you set up a backup rule with a cold storage lifecycle, AWS Backup only transitions the supported resource types' backups to cold storage. The cold storage expression is ignored for other backups. You can find the list of supported resources on this page:

answered 2 years ago

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