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I recently migrated a domain from another AWS account using Route 53. I confirmed within the console that the migration was marked as "completed." However, even after adding AName and CName records, the domain is not functioning as expected. Could you please guide me on how to identify the root cause of this issue?

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Hi Jae

If the migration is completed and you are using a new hosted zone, then you need to update the name servers to match those in the hosted zone.
Take a look at the following section of the developer guide for step by step instructions.

Hope this helps.

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answered 5 months ago

To migrate a domain from one AWS account to another using Route 53, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the AWS account that currently owns the domain, open the Route 53 console, select "Registered domains", choose the domain, and in the "Transfer out" dropdown, select "Transfer to another AWS account". Enter the destination AWS account ID and confirm the transfer, then copy and forward the generated password to the receiving account owner.
  • The receiving account owner should sign into their AWS account, open the Route 53 console, go to "Requests", select the domain, choose "Accept", and enter the password from the originating account. This transfer must be accepted within three days to avoid automatic cancellation.
  • If desired, migrate the hosted zone after completing the domain transfer, as the domain transfer does not automatically include the hosted zone. This step is optional as the domain and hosted zone can be owned by separate accounts without affecting functionality​.

Let me know if you have any further questions to discuss.

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answered 5 months ago

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