How to feed X-Ray data to the AWS Cost Profiler?


There are a few blog posts like Using AWS X-Ray and AWS Application Cost Profiler to track tenant cost of shared AWS Infrastructure that say this is doable, but I can not find any examples or documentation on how to actually pull data from X-Ray and send it to Cost Profiler.

Is there an example project or documentation with source code (preferably in Python) showing how to get data from lambdas, API-Gateway, etc via X-ray around?

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Hi Robert, not sure there is a demo for what you are looking for, but the documentation shows how to get data of X-Ray, and the boto3 documentation shows how to use that library together with X-Ray. Those 2 resources should give you a good starting point for your project.

BUT, you might consider a different solution than AWS Application Cost Profiler, as this service will be discontinued by September 30, 2024.
One option to simplify tenant cost allocation in a SaaS Solution on AWS could be CloudZero, as explained in this blog post.

hope this helps

answered 5 months ago
  • Yeah, I found out shortly after posting this that AWS Application Cost Profiler had been discontinued. I would still be interested in finding a way to do the same thing but without having to buy another service from an AWS Partner.

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