Question Regarding AWS RDS Backups: Incremental vs Full


Good afternoon, everyone!

I have a question about backups in AWS.

I've been thinking about two types of RDS backups in AWS:

Incremental Backup Full Backup Currently, I back up the database information once a day, but I've been considering having a backup once an hour. How can I implement something similar on my RDS? Which would be better, incremental or full?

If it's incremental, I have no idea how to do that in AWS. Is it possible?

Looking forward to your response.

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If you use AWS Backup for backup, I think you can take a backup once every hour.

Also, the backup at that time will be an incremental backup because a snapshot of RDS will be taken.

The first snapshot of a DB instance contains the data for the full database. Subsequent snapshots of the same database are incremental, which means that only the data that has changed after your most recent snapshot is saved.

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answered 2 months ago
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If you need to maintain a very stringent SLA on your RDS database in terms of recoverability, I would suggest to implement Point-In-Time-Recovery (PITR) for a continuous backup strategy: it goes down to a resolution of 1s


With continuous backups, you can restore your AWS Backup-supported resource by rewinding
 it back to a specific time that you choose, within 1 second of precision (going back a maximum 
of 35 days). Continuous backup works by first creating a full backup of your resource, and then 
constantly backing up your resource’s transaction logs. PITR restore works by accessing your full 
backup and replaying the transaction log to the time that you tell AWS Backup to recover.



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