Does Image Builder supports creating an image from a Marketplace AMI?


Hi everyone, I have a Marketplace subscription for a pre-hardened image from CIS. I need to upgrade to the latest version, whenever a new release is available on the Marketplace. Can I use the Image Builder? Does the Image Builder supports a Marketplace AMI as base image? I have tried and got error. Thanks

  • What are you hoping to use image builder for? Can you just consume the new CIS marketplace image in your applications?

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Good Day,

In response to your question, yes, Image Builder allows you to create a private image with the help of an AMI that has been purchased through the AWS Marketplace.

The below link describes in details all the necessary steps to be followed when building a private image:

However, this above documentation might be different from your use case as the products you've purchased might not be compatible.

Let me know in case of any further questions.


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