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Good evening,

My account was suspended in May. It's funny because at the time I just rolled my eyes and sighed, assuming that this would all be cleared up by the then-coming weekend. I sent maybe 12-15 emails to the aws-cs-mturk-worker-support-form email address. I got a response to each of them giving me a cut and paste response saying that my case was being looked into and they could not give me any further information on the matter.

The justification for why they suspended my account......
"We regret to inform you that your Amazon Mechanical Turk account has been suspended. We took this action because; you violated section 3(b) of the MTurk Participation Agreement. Specifically, your account was closed for using robots, scripts, or other automated methods as a substitute for your human intelligence and independent judgment."

I wasn't worried about it because I don't use any sort of automation, strange add-ons or scripts. I had faith that Amazon was a legitimate company that wouldn't steal my earnings after I had spent thousands of dollars on their website and worked on Mturk for several years without issue completing over 300K HITs. As such, I foolishly had my earnings set to auto-deposit once a month. Of course it had to happen that my account would be suspended only two days before my earnings would have been withdrawn. This happened to be my best month for earnings on Mturk too, working every day. Amazon stole well over a thousand dollars from me. For weeks I was frustrated but knew that this would all be sorted out because I was an honest and hardworking member. Now I'm lost, frustrated, confused and cheated as I get an email from, saying....


Unfortunately, we are not able to take any additional action regarding your Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker account suspension, or offer any additional insight. Please refer to our earlier correspondence for details regarding this decision.
Your account will not be re-opened. We regret that we have not been able to address your concerns to your satisfaction.
Thank you for your understanding.

Account Specialist
Amazon Mechanical Turk"

Where do I go from here? I've spent months waiting to get my account back. I've replied to the seemingly generic denial email above but they still haven't replied to me. At this point I'm still not convinced that I've had a human look at my account yet. Please help me.

  • my screen say "This account has been suspended by the Amazon Mechanical Turk team." i never even used this before. i went to try it out just now just to get this message. i'm just not going to worry about it. i just wanted to try it out.

  • @listo ^^^ this is the EXACT same thing that is happening to me right now !!! WTF !!!

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why my account has suspended without any reason.
why amazon doing this if there is no mistake
please restart my account
i have not break any rule then why my acct is suspended
pls reply me back and i want my account working asap.

answered 3 years ago
  • Did you get your mTurk account unlocked?

  • Did you get your mTurk account unlocked?


They are literally handing out false suspensions. It's all over reddit and their twitter account. Try contacting them on twitter. Even though most responses are from employees who don't really care about helping you and will just give a basic copy and pasted response, there are people getting help on their twitter.

answered 4 years ago
  • Did you get your mTurk account unlocked?


Hello ,

My name is muruganath, my mturk worker account was hold, that team ask my identity, i can send my pancard on june 26, that image was not clear. that team not accept my request, then only i send my clear pancard copy to fax that team, on august 8, and again sent my pancard to today itself, i send many mail but no reply that team please give me solution.


answered 4 years ago

My Mturk worker is locked temporarily however I have not used any robots, automation or scripts etc. It is unfair that mturk is locked without any reason when I had highest my hard working earnings then this happened.

Please unlock my mturk account urgently, this is my worker id: A1SXX1WCWTCE6A

answered 10 months ago

Dear Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to address a pressing matter regarding my Mturk account, which was unexpectedly suspended on [Date]. First and foremost, I want to express my genuine concern for this situation and the impact it has on my livelihood.

Since I joined the Mturk platform in 2011, I have diligently followed all guidelines and completed tasks to the best of my ability. I have never received any warning emails or engaged in any activity that could warrant an account suspension. The sudden suspension has left me both distressed and bewildered, as Mturk has been my sole source of income and financial stability.

My Worker ID is A3I6S9YCB7KADW, and I kindly request your assistance in investigating the reasons behind my account suspension. I am fully committed to resolving any misunderstandings or addressing any concerns that might have led to this unfortunate situation. I am open to providing any necessary information, clarifications, or documentation to support my appeal.

Losing access to my Mturk account has created an immense burden on my financial well-being, and I implore you to consider the impact of this suspension on my life. The income I generate through this platform is not just a means to an end; it is the foundation of my livelihood and the livelihood of those dependent on me.

I kindly request your urgent attention to this matter and your assistance in reinstating my account as soon as possible. I am more than willing to cooperate fully and promptly with any steps required to restore my account. Your understanding and assistance during this difficult time would mean the world to me.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my appeal. I eagerly await your response and am hopeful for a positive resolution.


Ali Worker ID: A3I6S9YCB7KADW

answered 9 months ago

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