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Hello! Since July 26th, our daily expenses have suddenly increased fourfold, and we haven't made any changes. After analyzing the reason, we found that the expenses on ECS (Elastic Compute Service) have grown sixfold. Our final monthly bill was 2.5 times larger than any of the previous months. After 2 days, for unknown reasons, our expenses were recalculated, and the bill returned to the same amount as in the previous months.

Currently, we are observing that our ECS Fargate expenses are rising again, even though we have significantly reduced the load on ECS. Could you please let us know if this is some sort of error and if there will be a recalculation?

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Hi. Maybe you changed vCPU and memory resources?

Here is the good article about Fargate costs:

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answered 10 months ago
  • We haven't done it yet. I just verified that all the services were functioning for over 60 days without any modifications. We also migrated 70% of the tasks from ECS to a different cloud provider, but this didn't result in a reduction of our overall expenses.

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