Redshift maintenance version details


Details of what Redshift version updates included used to be published at

Can someone point me to where I can find this information now?

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Hi , updates are still being published at the URL you mentioned, the second line is containing all info on updates that will happen between Nov 15 2021 ans Jan 12 2022.


We will be patching your Amazon Redshift clusters during your system maintenance window in the coming weeks. The timing of the patch will depend on your region and maintenance window settings. You can view or change your maintenance window settings from the AWS Management Console. After your cluster has been patched, the new cluster version will be Build 1.0.34355. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

This version includes the following new features and improvements in addition to what is available in the major version:

• Miscellaneous fixes

hope this helps

answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks, when I looked at the link it was greyed out, assume I've clicked it previously. I'll keep reviewing here for the time being!

  • you are welcome, please accept the answer if it helped you, and you think is correct.

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