EC2 Instance Won't Shut Down


Hello, everyone!

I don't have a support plan, so the docs directed me here.
I have an EC2 instance that refuses to shut down. An Auto-scaling Group triggered a termination of this instance, and it's been in the "shutting-down" state for more than 24 hours now. Sending it "terminate" signals does nothing, and the box is unavailable for remote access.

The instance did not have termination protection enabled (it's in an ASG, so that wouldn't make much sense), and the original termination operation was triggered by a failed health check.

Instance ID: i-0895db9d0f09a982a
Region: ca-central-1

I have admin rights in our account, so there shouldn't be commands that I can't run. If anyone knows of some way to force-terminate this instance, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!

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2 Answers

The instance eventually disappeared, I guess there's some sort of fallback process that clears out instances that have been stuck too long.

answered 5 years ago

Hi kevdev,

I am sorry to hear about the issue. I am glad that the problem has resolved in the meantime. Please let us know if you need any further help.


answered 5 years ago

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