How can I call a service hosted in my private VPC by its private endpoint from EventBridge's API Destination?


I have a service which is hosted in my private VPC and currently we are using API Gateway to expose it publicly. All our API calls go through it. So right now EventBridge's API Destinations point to the API Gateway's public endpoint. But we would like to change that and call the service at its private endpoint from EventBridge's API Destination itself so as to make sure our internal service calls stays in our VPC. How can we go about this?

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EventBridge does not have direct integration with VPC resources. Your options are:

  1. Invoke a Lambda function which is attached to the VPC that will make the call to the service.
  2. Place the message into an SQS queue and let the service poll the queue for messages (this required to rearchitect the service itself).

There might be other workarounds not listed above.

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answered a year ago

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