AppStream Regional Locale settings overriding user specific date and time formatting


It appears that when the Regional Settings are saved and passed to AppStream, they overwrite any custom changes a user has made within the Windows instance. I can see the time and date change in Windows when I hit Save on in the browser client preferences. I can also see registry settings change at HKCU:/Control Panel/International after apply the prefs. I'm assuming these preferences are templated in some way and are being applied at login automatically. Does anyone know of a way to allow individual users to set a custom time and date and that to be retained through subsequent logins?

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I would like to inform that when users launch their streaming sessions, they can select Regional settings from the gear menu on the AppStream 2.0 toolbar to set any of the Time zone, Locale, and Input method options. Any changes a user makes will apply instantly to the user's streaming session as well as to any future sessions launched by the user in the same AWS Region. Also, if a user previously selected a user locale or input method when streaming from any fleet instance in the same Region, those user-specified settings automatically override any default user locale and input method that you specify through your image builder.

So if you have any custom settings defined in the image or user has defined some date & time formatting at the OS level, those settings will get overridden using the regional settings option. Even if application settings persistence is enabled at the stack level, date and time format will still get reverted by the regional settings defined by the user.


Configure Default Regional Settings for Your AppStream 2.0 Users

Enable Your AppStream 2.0 Users to Configure Their Regional Settings

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