Can we use rtmp publisher with aws ivs real-time streaming?


it's possible with ivs low-latency option, just wanted to know if it's possible with real-time streaming as well? Example was only from user's devices, but not from a rtmp camera. I am trying to explore real-time over normal low-latency offering since the former is way cheaper.

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The input source types for Amazon IVS Low Latency and Real Time Streaming are different. As you indicated, the Low Latency mode accepts RTMP streams, where the Real Time Streaming uses WebRTC for both source and outputs. They are two separate functions within the IVS offering.

You can use IVS Stages, which uses WebRTC for sources, and send to an IVS Low Latency Channel. See this link for more details.

RTMP sources are unable to be used with Real Time Streams.

answered 3 months ago
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  • is it possible to spin an nginx on an ec2 which can convert rtmp to webrtc?

    rtmp -> ec2 -> [ webrtc -> ivs realtime -> subscribers (via webrtc) ] basically publish to ivs realtime without the broadcast sdk but with server to server channel.

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