Interface Endpoint fail to resolve DNS Name


Trying two accounts of my organization and I'm kinda lost. I provided the Service Endpoint in Account B, created a service name, and allowed the Account A to access it. Then in Account A I created the Interface Endpoint, selected "Other Endpoint Services" I entered the service name from Account B, and were able to verify the service name.

I already used the Reachability Analyzer, to check if the ENI from my ECS arrives in the ENI of my Interface Endpoint, and it works fine, they are in the same private VPC and the same SG. I'm probably missing some other stuff, it's my first time doing this...

Right now I have (Account A) ECS Task -> Interface Endpoint (Account A) -----> (Account B) Service Endpoint -> NLB -> AmazonMQ (Account B).

When I try to run my ECS Task I get an "Name does not resolve" error, I looked into the SDK I'm using and got that the issue is due to DNS not resolving.

On both VPCs DNS hostnames and resolution are enabled.

I got this print from a video, I'm not supposed to use those DNS names?

aws console

I tried to use the three I got and didn't work. And Private DNS name is disabled ATM. Oh and I'm trying to connect using Websockets, but since it's TCP I imagine this isn't an issue.

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I was using the default DNS. Well, the issue was that I didn't allowed the high port in the security group :( When I tried to use the reachability analyzer I didn't specified a port, so I had no error on it. Once a coworker took a look he found the error.

answered 2 years ago

If the ENI is in the correct VPC then the first DNS name listed on the console should be the correct one to use. Are you using the DNS name provided when the interface endpoint is created in account a? This is assuming that the default DNS resolver is being used rather than a custom one with a different upstream setting.

answered 2 years ago

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