Sites on Amplify become very slow recently. Amplify站点最近突然变得很慢。


I have deployed two jekyll sites on Amplify. It works well for months. The average page load time in browser console is under 2 seconds. But in rescent two weeks, the speed becomes very slow, the average time consumption on loading a page becomes 5 seconds or higher. And every content has a "Miss From CloudFront" message in response header.

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I have read the relevant posts on re:Post and GitHub Issue . The possible reason may be conflicts between edge CDNs and origin CDNs, and lead a result of longer loop and time consumption. But in my condition, the problem is that Amplify is a automatic, integrated service, I don't need to do any configuration, and I didn't do any custom modification on that,too. So I don't think the problem is on my side.

I have tried different methods such as modify custom http header via customHttp.yml. But they all don't works well.

I hope that I can get some specific guidance rather that answers with all possible conditions and let me to try one by one.

我在Amplify部署了两个jekyll站点,几个月以来访问速度都比较良好,浏览器控制台记录的加载时间稳定在2秒钟以内。但是从最近两周开始,访问速度开始明显变慢,浏览器控制台记录的加载时间变为5秒钟甚至更久,而且每一项资源的Response Header都显示“Miss From CloudFront”。

我已经查阅了re:Post和GitHub Issue中的相关过往提问,可能的原因是边缘CDN源CDN之间存在冲突,导致无法使用边缘CDN中的内容,从而产生了较长的链路耗时。但问题是Amlipy是自动部署的,我无法手动修改CDN设置,我也重来没有修改过任何设置。



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Hi, you're right: this seems to be a known problem

Have a look at where jaybee seems to have found a work around for your use case.

Hope it helps!


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