My EC2 t2.micro got terminated Automatically


I created an ec2 t2.micro instance almost a month ago. but it got terminated, I don't know why. I don't have any snapshot for my instance. Please help me how can i restore my instance

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Unfortunately, if there is no snapshot, the data stored in EBS cannot be restored.
The only option is to create a new EC2.
Also, since EC2 does not disappear automatically, you should be able to find out who deleted it by searching for "TerminateInstances" in the CloudTrail event.

You can search in which region EC2 is running from the URL below.
If you cannot find a stop event in CloudTrail, you may want to search by region from the URL below.

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answered 8 months ago
  • Please don't say that 😢 😢 😢 I have configured web server, application server, everything was setup & running smoothly.

  • I've updated the answer. EC2 is not automatically deleted, so try searching for the event on CloudTrail. If no stop event is found in CloudTrail, the region you are checking may be wrong, so we recommend checking the EC2 that is running from the URL below.

  • Didn't find any stop/terminate event in there

  • If it is not found, it is possible that EC2 is still running. So please try searching for EC2 from the URL I shared.

  • No instances showing up on EC2 dashboard in my region. One hour ago there was one instance available with terminates status, but now that is also gone.

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