Unable to send more than 10 events in a request using SAP Eventbridge SDK


Hi All,

I'm using the AWS SAP SDK and I'm getting an error when sending more than 10 events in one request.

This code is working for up to 10 events. This is the error I get when I post more than 10 events: Exception /AWS1/CX_EVBCLIENTEXC: 1 validation error detected: Value '[PutEventsRequestEntry...........' at 'entries' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must have length less than or equal to 10

      loop at lt_events assigning field-symbol(<event>).
          aws_timestamp = convert_timestamp_to_aws_time( <event>-event_timestamp ).

*      Create eventbridge object
          create object lo_eb_req_entry
              iv_time         = aws_timestamp
              iv_source       = 'SAP'
              iv_detailtype   = <event>-detail_type
              iv_detail       = <event>-detail
              iv_eventbusname = lv_event_bridge_arn

          append lo_eb_req_entry to lt_eb_req_entries.

*      Post events to AWS Event Bridge
        data(lo_eb_result) = lo_eb->putevents(
            it_entries                    = lt_eb_req_entries

I already check my quota settings and they're all set to default and no value is set for 10. I also couldn't find any eventbus setting that might explain this.

All help very much appreciated!

Best regards, Birgir

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Accepted Answer

This constraint is specified in EventBridge service doc. See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/eventbridge/latest/APIReference/API_PutEvents.html

It specifies max array size of 10 for entries.

answered 7 months ago
  • You're right. Thanks!

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