How to configure the RDS SQL Server long term backups.



As we know AWS RDS SQL Server automated backups configured only 35 days. How to configure RDS SQL Server backups with 90days with point in time.

Can we use the AWS backup feature to retain the backups up to 90days.

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The best way to implement your backup strategy is to use AWS Backup which is backup as a service:

I would suggest you to follow this how-to guide in details:



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answered 2 months ago
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reviewed 2 months ago

Thanks Didier, if we suppose we enabled the AWS RDS auto backups and configured the AWS backup, will it create any issues like LSN break.

is it good practice to enable only AWS backups with out AWS RDS auto backups?

answered 2 months ago
  • Hi, when configured properly to keep all needed archives (full + incremental), AWS Backup should not create any issue like LSN breaks. My advice is to test your setup by restoring proactively on separate additional RDS instances. Thanks for accepting my answer!

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