S3 Batch Operations job fails due to missing VersionId


I created a POC Batch Operation Job that I want to Invoke Lambda function. This Lambda will get the file, do transformation, copy transformed file into new bucket, and delete file from old bucket upon completion.

The Batch job fails before invoking my lambda and report csv shows following errors:

eceeecom-5732-poc-old,emailstore/0079d564-dccc-4066-a42d-8d9113097d02,,failed,400,InvalidRequest,Task failed due to missing VersionId
eceeecom-5732-poc-old,emailstore/00975dec-f64b-4932-a1e8-9ec1284f76bb,,failed,400,InvalidRequest,Task failed due to missing VersionId

My manifest.json

  "sourceBucket" : "poc-old",
  "destinationBucket" : "arn:aws:s3:::poc-new",
  "version" : "2016-11-30",
  "creationTimestamp" : "1656633600000",
  "fileFormat" : "CSV",
  "fileSchema" : "Bucket, Key, VersionId, IsLatest, IsDeleteMarker, Size, LastModifiedDate, ETag, StorageClass, IsMultipartUploaded, ReplicationStatus, EncryptionStatus, ObjectLockRetainUntilDate, ObjectLockMode, ObjectLockLegalHoldStatus, IntelligentTieringAccessTier, BucketKeyStatus, ChecksumAlgorithm",
  "files" : [ {
    "key" : "emailstore/eceeecom-5732-poc-old/emailstore-inventory-config/data/b84c7842-bc58-40b9-afb0-622060853c8a.csv.gz",
    "size" : 623,
    "MD5checksum" : "XYZ"
  } ]

When I unzip above csv.gz file, I observe:


Clearly there is no Version Id and that is a culprit, but how can I make Inventory configuration not ask for Version Id to be added to manifest? When I was reading about Inventory list, it said that Version ID field is not included if the list is only for the current version of objects: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/storage-inventory.html

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Thank you for contacting AWS Re:Post. For the Version ID error, there are different solutions. You can refer the document below:


Please let us know if there are further questions.

answered 2 years ago

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