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I am trying to activate my domain, and Amplify has reached the domain verification stage but then asks me to add a CNAME record for "www". Godaddy, however says a record already exists associated with www, and that record cannot be edited or changed. How can I go about fixing this?

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do you use www.<domain-name>.<top-level-domain>.

Maybe on Godaddy, it already set a CNAME for www sub-domain, so you can delete the old one if it does not use for any other website.

You can create www.<sub-domain>.<domain-name>.<top-level-domain> to use also.

I recommend use a sub-domain for your amplify app instead of using www with domain-name.

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1.Review DNS Settings:

Ensure that you are modifying the DNS settings for the correct domain. Sometimes, users might have multiple domains, and changes might be applied to the wrong one.

2.Temporary DNS Change:
    If permitted by GoDaddy, you could temporarily point the "www" subdomain to a different location (e.g., a test site) to release the existing CNAME record. After that, you can add the required CNAME record for Amplify.

Edit Existing CNAME Record:

  1. If GoDaddy indicates that the existing record cannot be edited, check if there are any restrictions on the record. Some domain registrars impose restrictions on certain types of records. If possible, try to delete the existing CNAME record and add the new one provided by Amplify. Be cautious, though, as this might temporarily disrupt services associated with the "www" subdomain.

Always be cautious when making changes to DNS settings, as they can impact the availability of your website or services. If you're uncertain about the changes, consider seeking assistance from GoDaddy support or your hosting provider.

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answered 4 months ago

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